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Shrink Sleeves are a favorite packaging option for brand managers, contract manufacturers and anyone else looking to maximize their product’s appeal. Full-body shrink sleeves conform to the shape of the container, are durable, tamper resistant, and offer 360° of decorating space to promote your brand’s distinctive look. The superb product advertisement that shrink sleeves provide have led them to dominate many product categories in today’s retail market: nutritional products, energy drinks, dairy, health & beauty products, pet care and more.

Advantages of shrink sleeve packaging:

Maximum display area:  Utilizing full body shrink sleeve graphics has revolutionized product sales. The entire surface area of your product can be decorated to boost and differentiate your brand.

Tamper-proof protection: Consumers look for tamper-proof products, and shrink sleeves ensure that you can deliver. Visible assurance of safety and freshness gives retail customers the confidence they need in order to purchase. In addition, it helps to promote brand loyalty.

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Flexible packaging, used for pouches and packets, wrappers, stick packs, lidding and more, is one of the mainstays of today’s marketplace. It’s perfect for

  • Food – IQF’s and frozen foods and meats
  • Beverages – Energy drinks and nutritional drinks
  • Pharmaceutical / medical products – Surgical supplies / instruments
  • Specialty foods & spices – Trail mix and dried fruit
  • Pet food & treats – Chew bones and food samples
  • Household supplies – Chemicals, wipes and cleaning liquids

Inovar’s state-of-the-art equipment, expert personnel and verified processes, along with our experience and knowledge of the many film choices available, provide you with the highest quality flexible packaging products.

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Pressure sensitive labels are the most cost-effective option you’ll find, and Inovar can print:

  • Up to eight colors
  • In rolls or sheets
  • Cold foil stamp
  • Textured varnishes
  • Two-sided
  • IRCs and booklet labels
  • Over-laminated with your choice of film substrates for added durability

Choose from a wide variety of materials and any of our thousands of stock die sizes and shapes.

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Flexography is a proven workhorse in product packaging, dominating narrow-web printing technology and offering you ever-improving cost benefits and quality advancements. High resolution graphics, high opacity and very specific physical attributes, such as scratch resistance, benefit from flexography with UV ink.

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With Inovar, you’ll have access to the industry’s premier digital label printer, the HP Indigo WS 6600. Along with our top-of-the-line digital press, your packaging options expand exponentially to printing on multiple substrates for prime labels, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging and folding cartons.

  • Exceptional quality – Digital label printing technology produces vibrant colors and crisp images.
  • Variable data & variable imaging – Inovar’s digital printing technology brings you one-to-one marketing. You can take advantage of the full range of variable data, for everything from seasonal marketing campaigns and location-specific advertising to product serialization.
  • Cost effective – Setups are less time consuming with little to no waste, so cost effective shorter runs become possible. Order the smaller quantities you really need, reducing excess inventory and product obsolescence.

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Folding cartons span virtually all market segments, and can be key in differentiating your product. Structure, graphics, color, fit and protection all have to be right, and help sell the product. Bring Inovar your particular needs, and we’ll custom print a folding carton especially designed for you.

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Now more than ever, designers and brand owners turn to decorative effects to attract consumer attention. Whatever your packaging demands, your design finds full expression at Inovar.

  • Vibrant rich colors – Match the color that consumers recognize, and keep it consistent.
  • Textured finishes – Find the specific feel that matches your product’s distinctive look.
  • Metallic effects – Use foils, holographics or metallic inks to create eye-catching decorative effects.
  • Embossing – Add dimension, raising or lowering the printed surface for a distinctive look and feel.
  • Lamination – Seal the package surface with a glossy or matte finish.
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You’ll get very high quality print graphics, and the option to make modifications quickly and on-press, with Inovar’s digital plates. Made in-house with our Direct-to-Plate Capabilities using Creo Thermoflex, Esko Software and Dupont Cyrel® FAST system, Inovar has eliminated harsh conventional solvents and moved to a dry thermal technology for plate development, reducing processing time by 300%. You’ll be able to make last minute changes and tweaks when you need to, without adding days to your turnaround time.