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Food and Beverage

Food and beverage products face fierce competition for shelf space, and your product must have reliable, repeatable excellence in design, print quality, turnaround time and problem solving. Turn to Inovar Packaging Group, where you’ll find the experience and know-how to create, print, finish and deliver brilliant, eye-catching labels.

At Inovar Packaging Group, we have in-depth knowledge of over-the-counter (OTC) packaging, as well as the capability to produce your retail and shelf-ready packaging such as pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeves, folding cartons and flexible packaging.

Healthcare products have specific needs that call for a variety of substrates. Inovar has experience with them all. Our expertise, product selection and clear understanding of the demands of the healthcare product market are a valuable resource for your business.


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Nutrition & Nutraceuticals

The global nutraceuticals market is forecast to reach a value of $250 billion by 2018, driven primarily by the growing trend towards healthier lifestyles.

Product labels for body lotions, cosmetics, shampoos, specialty soaps, hair and health products require special attention: Health and Beauty labels must not only look good but also perform, being exposed to water, oil, and other environmental conditions. Your choices must include the special materials and adhesives these labels demand—and a partner with experience and expertise in designing, producing and applying them.

Whether you need 500 or 5,000,000, Inovar’s printing is the right fit. We offer a wide variety of materials perfectly suited for the health and beauty product industry, with a huge selection of custom die shapes and materials from which to choose. Digital label printing is custom made for short runs, or if you have multiple products on the same size label. Our larger conventional presses will accommodate larger runs all with the quality, accuracy, economy and speed you need!


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Pet and Animal Healthcare

Americans love their pets, and take good care of them—such good care that the U.S. pet products industry had estimated sales of more than $50 billion in 2012! Branding in this very competitive industry has never been more important, and Inovar has the experience working with brand owners to bring your concepts to life. The use of vibrant colors and decorative effects can bring pet owners to reach for your products first.

Competition in this industry is intense, driven by price, safety & efficacy issues, brand loyalty—and packaging. Inovar’s experience brings your nutraceutical product packaging to life, from concept to shipment. We understand this dynamic marketplace, and what it takes to partner with you, the brand owner.


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Personal Care & Beauty

Health and beauty products receive more scrutiny than any other category in today’s marketplace, and require the utmost attention to detail, design and finishing.

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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

You need an experienced, knowledgeable partner to help you understand and comply with the highly regulated procedures of healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging.